June - October 2017

Matías Calvo
Analyst and supervisor of the development and implementation of information systems


International consultancy for the design of the 'Project Information and Monitoring System (PIMS)' of the ADELANTE Programme

Description of the consultancy:

This consultancy deals with the design of an IT platform aimed at facilitating the monitoring of each project's activities for the early identification of possible deviations or issues, and setting up solutions for each case.


The SISP (Project Information and Monitoring System) will have the following operating environments, each with a different and customized level of visibility on information and management functionalities:

  • An intranet or private management area for all the actors involved in the implementation of the projects.
  • An administration area for those responsible for the implementation of projects and/or activities. Access and maintenance of information on the projects' progress.
  • An area for transversal consultation for those responsible for the projects' follow-up and monitoring.
  • General administration area with authorisations for the overall maintenance of the SISP: updating of general tables, registration of projects.

The SISP will provide the following general functionalities:

  • Capacity to gather planning, implementation details, monitoring and follow-up of project performance from each project's logical framework and work plans.
  • To serve as an integration tool between the different actors responsible for or involved in the management of each project.
  • Feeding of the contents related to each project by all the actors involved through a real-time integrated collaborative environment.
  • To provide a reporting mechanism to present the progress in the implementation and results of each project.
  • Management of the knowledge generated by each project.

Participating Institutions:

Transversal consultancy, for the entire ADELANTE Programme.

Main products:

  • SISP design report.
  • Terms of Reference for the System's development, testing, implementation and maintenance.
  • Training on how to use the system.


The consultancy was highly valued by both the Technical Assistance team and DEVCO. The services were developed with a high level of coordination between the consultant and the Technical Assistance team, developing face-to-face meetings, as well as frequent follow-up meetings by videoconference. The final result of the consultancy was the cornerstone for the development of the PIMS, which today is one of the main tools for monitoring the development of ADELANTE projects.