Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Mesoamerica - EDEM

Manizales opens its doors to universities in Costa Rica, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic

Costa Rica, El Salvador y República Dominicana
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October 29, 2019
ADELANTE Programme: Triangular Cooperation European Union Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Manizales Más and the Manizales SUMA University System carried out, from 22 to 24 October, the transfer of their "Entrepreneurship Route" Programme to eight universities in these three Mesoamerican countries.
  • Three universities in Costa Rica are participating: Universidad Nacional, Universidad Estatal a Distancia and Universidad Latina. Three universities from El Salvador are participating: Universidad de Oriente, Universidad Francisco Gavidia and Universidad Don Bosco. And from the Dominican Republic, two are participating: Universidad Abierta para Adultos (APA) and Universidad Nacional Evangélica (UNEV)
  • This event is being carried out within the framework of the Project of Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Mesoamerica - EDEM, as part of the European Union's ADELANTE Programme and with the coordination of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation APC-Colombia.

With the purpose of strengthening entrepreneurship in the Mesoamerican region, through international cooperation, representatives of universities from Costa Rica, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic are in the capital of Caldas to get to know the "Entrepreneurship Route" model that will help university students  strengthen and develop entrepreneurial skills and identify business opportunities to create a product or service.

The Entrepreneurship Route also offers elements and tools that help promote a creative and innovative mindset among entrepreneurs and, therefore, SUMA provides resources and capabilities for its management to contribute to the transformation of the productive and economic model.

To this end, the Route comprises the following six subjects:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  •  Marketing and sales for entrepreneurs,
  • Intellectual property for entrepreneurs,
  • Social entrepreneurship,
  • Finance for entrepreneurs and
  • Management of growing companies,

All these subjects are focused on the tools to move from design to creation and development of a business idea. This alliance arose from the need to join efforts in order to carry out several projects that would benefit a large population, including undergraduate and graduate students and professors. The University System of Manizales (SUMA) is a recognized and experienced academic alliance between universities, aimed at creating synergies in their strategic lines, such as research, teaching and social projection.