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Mesoamerican Chambers of Commerce receive technological tools: an exercise within the framework of Triangular Cooperation

June 28, 2020

The Presidential Agency for International Cooperation, APC-Colombia, delivered a software to the Chambers of Commerce of Cartagena, Tegucigalpa and Nicaragua, which will allow them to centralise the necessary information on their entrepreneurs, within the framework of the MISE Model. To this end, in April and May of this year, the Agency carried out a number of sessions to accompany these entities, in order to train them in the running, parameterisation and customisation of the tool according to the corporate image of each Chamber.

This software was created thanks to the need for a technological solution that would allow the Chambers to collect with greater efficiency some key tasks such as: the registration of entrepreneurs, the filling out of forms, a self-diagnosis of needs, a route of services, among other features, in order to ensure the integrity of the information.

The technological tool consists of seven main modules, which are:
    •    User Administration module
    •    Diagnostic Management module
    •    Activity module
    •    Consultancy module
    •    Control and Monitoring module
    •    Maintenance module
    •    Reporting Module

The first module is dedicated to the creation, updating and consultation of users; the second one allows for the administration and completion of diagnostics, for the identification of customer needs; the third one allowsfor the administration of the service portfolio, the programming of the same, the monitoring of attendance and the analysis of demand and behavior of services.

The fourth module allows for the registration, management, traceability and analysis of the assessments performed. The fifth module helps register accompaniment such as: calls, mails, visits, among other actions and modify diagnostics and routes. Module number six provides for the approval of the system's parameterisation in items, such as: catalogues, drop-down lists, roles and profiles. And the last one gives rise to information queries for business intelligence and analysis.
The MISE-CC, as this software was named, is a flexible system in which modules and functionalities can eventually be added for future service additions. Other special features include the use of the Spanish language throughout the system and the fact that all processes and updates regarding databases must take into account the time zone of each country.

In a less technical language, the information processed with this tool will serve to identify weaknesses and strengths of the entrepreneur, define what type of training he should receive and the accompaniment required in each area of his business. This allows the Chambers to define a work plan with each one and lead it through a path of achievements in the short, medium and long term, which the Bogota Chamber of Commerce calls "dreams".