Mirada Ciudadana - Good governance in Mercosur municipalities

Planning the next activities

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February 09, 2020
ADELANTE: programa de cooperación triangular de la Unión Europea para América Latina y Caribe

The Mirada Ciudadana Project's coordinator and experts have been working on the preparation of the activities that will be carried out in February and March of this year.

Mrs. Lucy Larrosa, in charge of the project, explained that during these days they will focus on the layout of the workshop to disseminate the Citizen Power and Participation Guides, with the partner municipalities. This will be an approach to the guides that were drafted and deal with the issues of participation and good practices. In this way, municipal officials will be able to better understand the guides and adapt them to their daily life, making them a permanent consultation tool. On the other hand, they are also fine-tuning details for the publication of both guides and the Communication guide.

In line with this idea of contributing to bringing municipalities closer to these concepts, a new workshop called "Efficient Communication to Strengthen Municipal Management" will also take place on 10 March 2020, with officials from municipalities of Uruguay and Brazil.

Thirdly, the seminar entitled " Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their location" will be held on 12 and 13 March in Alto Paraná, Paraguay. Local authorities and officials from the 17 partner municipalities of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay will attend together with the municipalities of Alto Paraná as well as guests and beneficiaries.