Mirada Ciudadana - Good governance in Mercosur municipalities

The project Mirada Ciudadana tours the municipalities of Brazil: Jaguarón, Piedra Alta, Candiota, Bagé and Aceguá

March 31, 2017
ADELANTE Programme: Triangular Cooperation European Union Latin America and the Caribbean

The tour was carried out within the framework of the project Mirada Ciudadana: good governance in Mercosur municipalities, which is executed by the Council of Cerro Largo and funded by the European Union. The Integration and Exchange Days with the Municipalities Bordering with Brazil were very successful. The tour included visits to municipalities of Yaguarón, Piedras Altas, Candiota, Bagé and Aceguá, on 29th, 30th and 31st March, with the support of the Coordination of Municipalities of Cerro Largo.

The delegation was integrated by the Mayor of Cerro Largo, Luis Sergio Botana, accompanied by the Mayors of Arévalo, Aceguá, Fraile Muerto, Noblía, Plácido Rosas, Ramón Trigo, Rio Branco and Tupambaé and was received by the respective Prefects, accompanied by hierarchs , technicians and in several cases with legislators (councilors). These meetings were very positive and allowed analyzing different problems, proposals and future actions to be carried out jointly. The border has its own dynamic and it is in the border area - a real meeting place - where integration is possible in a human dimension.

The initiative led by Intendente Botana, to make a joint visit with the mayors members of the Federation of Municipalities of Cerro Largo, is framed in the vision that has on the regional development, the potential that exists and the very similar vision among the actors of border. Botana said that "integration is possible if we channel it locally and integrate citizens who live the same problems and have a common destiny."

Among the analyzed topics that can become part of the agenda of prioritized trems, the following stand out: the fluvial integration by the Negro River, the connection through a bridge, speed bump or causeway to facilitate the access to very isolated areas, the Project "Route Transcampesina" (refurbishment of the route that integrates Herval, Hulha Negra, Pedras Altas, Aceguá and Candiota), maintenance of the Mauá Bridge, the Aceguá-Aceguá Sanitation, the energy connection of Melo-Candiota, the conditioning of the central flowerbed Aceguá -Aceguá, Interurban transport between twin cities, the consolidation of the integration of the Thoroughbred English Horse Route, the reopening of the Hippodrome of Bagé, educational integration among border students, exchange of good practices in health, education, care of the environment, heritage, culture, improvement of the management of Municipalities and citizen participation, among others.

Likewise, multiple proposals aimed at productive and commercial integration, sustainable integrated economy, promoting micro-regions and participation in value chains were analyzed. On the other hand, very interesting opportunities were found in education, where sometimes the distances are smaller crossing the borders, lowering costs and generating possible answers for young people.

Joint actions will be promoted in these themes by defining an agenda and forming a council of partners composed of the authorities of each municipality. In addition, monitoring groups will be designated for each priority topic on the agenda, taking advantage of both national and regional instances to generate synergy and sensitize the authorities of both countries on the potential and the vocation for joint work.

The five municipalities visited confirmed their interest and commitment to be part of the Mirada Ciudadana Project and confirmed their participation in the execution process.