27 - 29 May 2019

Representatives of entities involved in the project:
Francisco Javier Delgado
Vice-Minister. Ministry of Human Development. COSTA RICA.

Rocío Donoso
Development Manager. Oficina Nacional Calle. Ministry of Social Development. CHILE.

Eduardo Sosa
Director General. Ministry of Childhood  and Adolescence. PARAGUAY

Representatives of the coordinating entity of the project:
Nairí Aharonián
Deputy Director - Division for the Coordination of Programmes for Homeless People. Ministry of Social Development. URUGUAY.

Yanella Posente
RED CALLE Project Coordinator. National Directorate of Comprehensive Protection in Infringement Situations Ministry of Social Development. URUGUAY.

Study visit to Portugal, in Lisbon and Porto, to get to know the work of social organisations - among which the CRESCER organisation - in the application of the 'Housing First' methodology

Description of the visit:

A technical visit was paid to the "Crescer" Organisation in Lisbon, to learn about their experience in implementing projects for homeless people and adapting the Housing First Model in Lisbon.


To learn about innovative experiences, as well as to exchange and debate with other actors, in order to have elements to continue the discussion among the countries that make up the Network. Likewise, the visit aims at generating working relations from the Red Calle Network with organizations that work with this population in order to keep on being in contact and exchanging in the future.

Institutions visited:

The CRESCER Foundation, in Lisbon: an organisation founded in 2001 that works to promote the inclusion of the most vulnerable and excluded groups into the community.

Visits organised within the framework of the 2019 FEANSTA Policy Conference: Towards 2030, held in Porto.

  • Casa da Rua Social Reintegration Centre
  • Casa de Vila Nova (from Norte Vida, Association for the Promotion of Health)
  • Centro de Estadía Transitoria Joaquim Urbano

Main products:

  • Systematisation of the learning from each visit to be disseminated among the members of the Network.
  • Consolidated report of the mission.
  • Dissemination through the ADELANTE Programme Website and RRSS.


The exchange mechanism resulting from this study visit allowed not only to learn first-hand about innovative approaches to the social reintegration of homeless people but also to assess the application in the field of the theoretical approaches being studied in the project's partner countries. Thanks to the visit, contacts were also established with Portuguese institutions that will go beyond the duration of the project, which will undoubtedly help guarantee the sustainability of the Red Calle Network.