7 and 8 October 2019

Edwin Darío Gómez Parra
Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Advisor, EDEM Project

Mario Eduardo Barreto Murillo
Entrepreneurship, Monitoring and follow-up Advisor, EDEM Project

Ángela María Londoño
Entrepreneurship Advisor, EDEM Project

Carlos Augusto Castaño Charry
Administrative and Financial Director and EDEM Project Coordinator

Denia Loo
Representative of the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Honduras


Study visit to the "Science and Technology Park of Extremadura (PCTEX)", in Caceres, to learn about experiences in planning and management of entrepreneurship and business development policies from a regional approach

Description of the visit:

This study visit allowed the EDEM Project team to establish contacts with the leading research centres and companies of the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura, which helped identify successful experiences of articulation and implementation of entrepreneurship ecosystems at a regional level, as well as identify regional policies and success stories in terms of financing for entrepreneurship and business development.


  • Identification of successful experiences of articulation and implementation of regional entrepreneurship ecosystems in a European country (Spain).
  • Identification of regional science, technology and innovation policies
  • Review of the functioning of national and international innovation networks for cooperation, information management and fundraising.

Institutions visited:

The Science and Technology Park of Extremadura (PCTEX).

Main products:

  • Document reporting on learning and achievements of the mission to be shared with the project's partners.
  • Network of contacts in innovation and development of entrepreneurship policies potentially of great interest to strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems in the countries of Mesoamerica and Colombia


The study visit allowed to learn about policies and financing practices for entrepreneurship that are potentially replicable, which is why the practical usefulness of this activity is particularly appreciated. Given that the Extremadura context assimilates to that of several regions where project actions are foreseen, the lessons learned were of great interest to all the partners. In fact, the possibility of developing in Colombia a pilot application of the "MAKE Methodology for the dynamisation of entrepreneurial ecosystems", created and developed by the "Science and Technology Park of Extremadura" itself, is being considered, with the idea of transferring it later on to different regions of Mesoamerica.