DIALOGAS - Inclusive Development in Latin America: A Great Opportunity for Governments and Social Actors

First seminar on socio-emotional skills in Colombia

April 26, 2017
ADELANTE Programme: Triangular Cooperation European Union and Latin America & the Caribbean

On 25th and 26th April 2017, the international seminar “The development of transversal and socio-emotional skills throughout the lifecycle: from experimental dimension to incorporation into public policies” was held in Bogotá, Colombia. Representatives from international institutions and organisations from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Italy took part.

The seminar was organized by the Agency of International Cooperation of Chile Development (AGCI), the National Planning Department of Colombia (DNP), the Commission of the National Certification System of Labor Competences (Chile Valora), the International Italo-Latin American Organization ( 50iila) and the Regional Cooperation Committee on Transversal and Socio-Emotional Competences (MESACTS) within the framework of the DIALOGAS project ("Inclusive Development in Latin America: an opportunity for Governments and Social Actors") and the support of the European Union, through the ADELANTE program.

The event took place in the Hotel Tequendama and among its participants were representatives of the Latin American Institutions that develop government programs related to the inclusion of Transversal and Socio-Emotional Competences in vulnerable population. Likewise, international rapporteurs such as Arturo Harker Roa, expert in applied microeconomics and public policy evaluation, gave a keynote address on "The relevance of socio-emotional competencies for the development of individual well-being and for the consolidation of social cohesion". Likewise, Cristina Stringher, National Institute for the Evaluation of the Educational, Training and Training System participated - Italy, Alejandra Solla, SES Foundation - Argentina, Pedro Cerdán-Infantes, Senior Specialist in Education of the World Bank - Colombia, Experts of the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) - Italy, among others.

Thus, during two fruitful days, officials from different countries presented their papers and exchanges of experiences on the challenges faced by each country to make the formation of transversal and socio-emotional skills a long-term public policy. Reflection that is expected to deepen in a second international seminar in the city of Santiago de Chile on October 18 and 19 "Connecting technical and methodological advances with the design of public policies for the development of Transverse and Socio-emotional Competences throughout of the life cycle: A need and a challenge ".

In this next instance, it is expected that it will be a high level instance with the participation of the authorities of the different collaborating institutions of the DIALOGAS project to deliver their commitment by signing the Declaration of Integrated Policies for the Development of Transversal Competencies and Emotional Partner. the Development of Peoples (CISP) - Italy, among others.