June 12 - e 16, 2017
Cerro Largo Council- 591, Justino Muniz, 37000 Melo - Uruguay
Mirada Ciudadana - Good governance in Mercosur municipalities

International Seminar - Spaces for Political Dialogue

With the participation of all mayors and members of councils. This event will also feature a prominent guest speaker, Mr. Josep Villareal, invited by the Technical Support team from ADELANTE EU-LAC.

  • Promoting the formation of the Local Governments Network as part of the project Mirada Ciudadana for South-South cooperation and Promote the creation of the network of Local Governments of the Mirada Ciudadana Project for South-South and triangular cooperation,

Define agendas,

Identify good practices,

Collaborating in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs.

There will be four Political Dialogue Encounters in Brazil - Jaguarón 6/14/17 (1), Paraguay: Pte. Franco (11/7/17) and San Bernardino (11/8/17) (2) and Argentina - San Isidro 10/22/17 (1)