Mirada Ciudadana - Good governance in Mercosur municipalities

More tools, better public policies

February 28, 2020

Within the framework of the Mirada Ciudadana Project, a workshop was held today to introduce the guides developed by the project's technical team, which deal with topics such as communication, citizen participation, the power of citizenry and the incorporation of the gender perspective from a practical point of view.

What was carried out today by technical expert Claudia Romano and the Project's coordinator, was a gathering during which the officials of the Project's municipalities can assimilate and make use of the tools embodied in these guides so that they can implement them in their daily work.

On this occasion, the work was focused on the guides related to the power of citizenry and to the elements of citizen participation. The aim was to provide these officials with some guidance on how to organize an event, what characteristics they can have, how to moderate them, how objectives should be set before carrying out the event, what are the best locational conditions for a successful event, planning, and motivation for people's participation.

"The more tools they have, the easier their daily work will be, the more citizen participation there will be and the better public policies will be managed. Improving public policies: this is one of Mirada Ciudadana's objectives" said Romano.