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SENA extends its entrepreneurship model, a Triangular Cooperation project

December 06, 2019
ADELANTE Programme: Triangular Cooperation European Union Latin America and the Caribbean

"The SENA Entrepreneurship Model: more than a Mission... a passion!" (¡Modelo de Emprendimiento SENA más que una Misión…! ¡Una pasión! ) is a publication by the SENA National Coordination for Entrepreneurship (Coordinación Nacional de Emprendimiento del SENA) aimed at providing the entities of the Mesoamerican countries that seek to promote entrepreneurship with an overview of all the methodologies, experiences and techniques used within their model of services.

This publication was prepared within the framework of the Project for Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Mesoamerica - EDEM, whose implementation is coordinated by the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation APC-Colombia (Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación Internacional APC-Colombia) and with the economic support of the European Union's ADELANTE Programme.

The book is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to develop a business idea, and it offers different tools that can be used to structure their projects. It is also a guide for entities that want to promote entrepreneurship and help strengthen micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

For example, one of the sections of the book says that "The first stage of the work carried out by managers when starting an advisory process with an entrepreneur consists of identifying the entrepreneurial profile, that is, classifying or segmenting clients in order to be able to guide them appropriately according to the type of service required, in accordance with their needs" (extract from Modelo de Emprendimiento SENA más que una misión, una pasión, 2019, 68).

It is worth mentioning that the EDEM Project has been a window for the transfer of successful Colombian tools that contribute to the strengthening of the entrepreneurial sector in the Mesoamerican region, and one of them is the SENA Entrepreneurship Model.

After many years of building technical, operational and legal methodologies, among others, aimed at establishing an effective and efficient process for the creation and strengthening of companies, SENA has managed to consolidate a robust entrepreneurship model that is an example for other entities and countries.

This model is based on an entrepreneurial route that, on the one hand promotes the entrepreneurial culture and spirit, and on the other hand provides support to sustainable entrepreneurship based on training, advising and seed capital. However, the transfer of the SENA model to the countries of Mesoamerica is the first one executed by this entity and, until now, it did not have any guidance material created for this purpose, which will document and summarize the model developed.

This book is key for the beneficiary Mesoamerican entities, since it is a methodological guide that allows strengthening the training processes of the Entity's human resources in the provision of services to the entrepreneur during the transfer, but mainly during the implementation process; that is, when it is put at the service of the entrepreneur.

Finally, with this publication, the SENA National Learning Service aims at providing readers with its entrepreneurial model to be taken as a reference in order to write their own story in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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