Intercambios entre Proyectos

26 - 30 November 2019

Edwin Darío Gómez
Coordinator of the business development component of the EDEM Project

Luz Ángela Medina
Coordinator of the Construction and Electric Energy Sector / Vice-Presidency of Business Strengthening of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce

Exchange of experiences between the EDEM and MIRADA CIUDADANA projects on entrepreneurship and business development, in Uruguay, to export the EDEM project experience to the scope of the MIRADA CIUDADANA project

Description of the exchange:

The Mission seeks to share the EDEM project experience with the municipalities of the Mirada Ciudadana project, in order to generate and strengthen the capacities of the local authorities and entrepreneurial leaders (so that they promote active policies for the development and strengthening of ecosystems and local entrepreneurial networks), of the Chambers or Associations (so that they provide better business development services) and especially to the communities of women entrepreneurs (so that they can improve the marketing strategies for their products).


Participating Institutions:

Transversal consultancy, for the entire ADELANTE Programme.

Activities carried out specifically:

2nd International Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs of the Mirada Ciudadana Municipalities.

Forums for exchanges:

Main products:


The Mission is very positively evaluated by the Mirada Ciudadana Project (technical team and partners):

The team of experts worked in a professional and committed way, with the willingness to meet a very intense agenda, with a high level of working hours, and a diverse and very demanding target audience. In particular, the targeted women of the Meeting said they valued their participation very positively, both in the training itself and in the exchange between them, sharing best practices from their territories. Finally, it will be interesting to keep in touch with these professionals in future actions or virutal and face-to-face meetings.

We value the support of the ADELANTE Programme - which is providing this mechanism -, of the EDEM project, and of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce for sending their representatives.